Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Stephen King, Finder's Keepers. Scribner, 2015. 448 pages. $10.

The man with the golden pen.

This is a suspense thriller, not horror. I've been trying to get friends to read this, and they expect a tale like It, Pet Cemetery, or The Stand. But Stephen King has more than one voice, obviously. In Finders Keepers, King gives us a limited cast of fully developed characters who come together in a thoughtful plot with unexpected outcomes. The story revolves around the stolen manuscripts of a famous author who is murdered by a disgruntled reader. The murderer buries the loot—along with $20k—just before he is arrested for another crime. Thirty-five years later, he's out of jail and ready to start a new life. But in the mean time, a teenager has recently discovered the money and the manuscripts—and he lives in the murderer's old house.